Jon Peer

Jon Peer founded Realcon AG in 2003. From 2000 to 2003 he held a management position at Livit AG, previously he was chairman of the Peer and Partner Group for 10 years. Since 1989 Jon Peer has been working and gaining expertise in the development and expansion of companies and management, with specialism in real estate.

Other mandates — Board of directors and management mandates in the real estate sector: Realcon AG, Swiss Casa lnvest AG, JP Immobilien GmbH, Bau & Haus GU GmbH

Education — Wirtschaftsgymnasium (equivalent to A-level in economy); PHW – Private Business School Bern; education in real estate with Swiss diploma; Management courses in HRM, marketing, salesmanship and leadership; courses in tenancy law, estimation SVIT